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Washington DC Souvenirs

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Taking a trip to remember for many years

Planning a trip to Washington is an awesome experience. There is so much to see and do in this city, steeped in American history and modern decision-making. The White House in various ways influences the futures of many countries, besides that of the USA, as a leading director on the economic stage of the world.

Taking a family trip to Washington having booked your stay at a Washington hotel, you will probably be looking forward to some sightseeing, and buying holiday souvenirs! Washington is a city that has the capacity to make any visitor or tourist want to collect happy memories to take back home.

Taking in the many sights of this historic city and choosing Washington gift souvenirs.

There is a huge and fascinating variety of Washington souvenirs and offer memorable gift choices, for many people for any occasion.

This particularly memorable and happy visit could be well remembered with The President Obama Inauguration Souvenir, which is even available as a 3D paperweight, and comes complete with his signature. As could be expected, The Obama inauguration souvenirs are an extremely popular item for visitors to this city, as is any other Barack Obama souvenir that is suitable for buying as a Washington gift to take for relatives and friends back home. They are gifts to be remembered and treasured as special for many years to come.

A matter of interest is that before becoming President of the USA, Barack Obama served as a United States Senator from the state of Illinois. The White House is the landmark of the official residence of the President and is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a now world famous and recognized address.

All Washington DC visitors want to see the White House and the Washington Monument before leaving the city, and to make sure they have a Washington souvenir to remember it by. For kids there are an array of souvenir kids’ caps tee shirts and sweatshirts to choose from. With tote bags, hoodies, toys and a never-ending list of stickers, pencils and other small items that have appeal for youngsters.

You cannot leave Washington DC without a visit to the site of the Lincoln Memorial. It is located opposite the Washington Monument on the National Mall which has been listed on the National Register of Historic places since 1966.

Another temptation that will be placed before you is a George Washington souvenir gift. This is another significant gift that commemorates the first President of the United States and the Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the founders of the United States of America.

The Washington Monument, a George Washington souvenir gift as well as a variety of interesting historic souvenirs and military souvenirs are found for sale at many gift shops in Washington. Among the souvenirs and historic ornaments, you can discover exciting books, written about the various American wars. Some contain dramatic incidents on the founding of America, making for most interesting reading and something to hand down to your family in the future. These are great souvenir gifts.

An America souvenir gift for all ages can be bought at a souvenir shop in Washington DC. You will come across “fun gifts” such as snow globes that are adorned and flaked. Others will represent the White House, Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, Iwo Jima. Then there is naturally other Washington and American souvenir memorabilia that is always enjoyed and appreciated by those people receiving them. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of souvenirs on offer to you.

If you or some friends and relatives are computer friendly, this is another gift avenue that opens up to you! You will find souvenir gifts of mouse pads with pictures of Washington DC monuments and places of interest of the city and various types of magnets, such as of monuments. Then you could look at President and Michelle Obama magnets, flag magnets, bookmarks with pictures of monuments on them. To better enjoy your coffee in the morning, you could consider Washington DC mugs, or books and other novelties; there is an amazing selection to choose from.

For anyone touring Washington DC it is going to be a most interesting and awe-inspiring city experience. You will be taken back in time with its historical past but, at the same time, be impressed with the acknowledgement of the present time. It is guaranteed to make you feel proud of being an American and proud and glad to be in this city if you are not.

Then there are souvenirs for gifts of the cherry blossom festival. This is an impressive and spectacular event held annually. It progresses along Constitution Avenue and is filled with vibrant colored costumes and décor cherry blossom inspired. Playing their parts in the festival are enormous helium balloons, performers, bands from across the nation, and elaborate floats that contribute to making the Washington DC a grand occasion to be remembered.

With such a wonderful festival, it must be expected to find Cherry blossom festival souvenirs. There are many and happy, innovative and lovely ideas for a Washington gift and the souvenirs cherry blossom are something to keep as reminders of the amazing cherry blossom festival.

Do not forget to buy ladies souvenirs. Some ideas are wall plaques, or Fridge magnets depicting Washington DC, clothing and jewelry. These are all perfect souvenir gifts to take home and add to your memory collection.

Other options for you are necklaces made out of beads and formed in the shape of the American flag, or purses with the flag printed on them. Or, you could consider some cherry blossom styled bracelets, and trinkets or flag rings and earrings. They are all ideal as a ladies souvenir gift from Washington DC.

Especially for nature lovers, souvenirs of the Washington Convention are also very popular gifting. This type of gift relates to a multilateral treaty for the protection of international endangered species of wild fauna and flora that came about in July 1975. The worthwhile aim of the treaty is to protect the trade of wild animals and plants whose survival is threatened, in order for them not to become extinct. This could be a particular favorite with the children!

The Convention Souvenirs range from mugs, airforce1 presidential key chains, which could be popular for anyone, postcards of Washington DC museums, statues, monuments and memorials, packs of cards, and other gifting.

U.S. Navy souvenirs are perfect gifts for those people interested in naval matters, or who want some stirring memories. Navy blue baseball-styled caps with the US navy seal embroidered on, or United States armed forces fridge magnets. Other fridge Magnets are of The Pentagon, Vietnam Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial, or else of World War ll. You can even buy a small replica of the Pentagon perched on a brown base as a souvenir gift to take home with you.

Gift souvenirs are the gift answer for people who have everything!

Patriotic souvenirs are another choice for gifts from Washington DC gift shops. They are represented by Washington DC patriotic Tee shirts, or items of canvas art. Then you can have Bumper stickers, flags, iPhone cases, greeting cards, jewelry, or a patriotic tote bag with the Washington Monument on it. They make welcome gifts, are memorable and all distinctive forms of patriotism.

Souvenirs of etched glass 3D paperweights are amazing items to buy in Washington as a momentous memory of your visit. More a work of art than a simple memento is the glass paperweight depicting the National world war ll memorial. It is a moving tribute to those that fought in the war; another thought for you, with the Washington Monument and the US capitol. Featured above them is the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia as well as three soldiers from the Vietnam War.

Event planning Souvenirs can be the answer for promoting a special occasion or event. Depicting scenes of Washington DC on floral containers, flags and paper serviettes, they all add to the ambience and atmosphere, marking the event as a special one.

A different and interesting memory to take with you is the Smithsonian institute souvenirs, which for many people would make a special gift. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC is recognized as the largest museum in the world and consists of nineteen museums and galleries, as well as the National Zoological Park. Also in the complex are among others, the Air and Space Museum, African American History and Culture, Natural History Museum, American Art and a Portrait Gallery.

Washington DC is full of wonderful memories for all visitors. Make sure you take some of them home with you!

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