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Products to Recognize and Commemorate September 11

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On September 11, 2001 3000 people lost their lives due to an act of terrorism. This is a day to never be forgotten in the minds of Americans everywhere. The 9/11 tragedy has been remembered every year since, honoring those who fell on that very distressing morning. The fear and the sadness is something that is hard to let go of, even 12 years later. However, the more honorable memories are worth being shared and preserved.

To commemorate and hold tight to the continuing remembrance of 9/11—the DC gift shop brings visitors a wonderful September 11 collection that holds the sole purpose of preserving the integrity of all of those in uniform who worked tirelessly to save lives then, and the many days that followed after.

Authentic Commemorative Collectibles

The artistic pieces that are mentioned within this body of work are superb for those individuals who want collectible gift items that hold significant historic relevance for America itself. The United in Memory coin is comforting in the respect that it demonstrates how times of relevance aren’t forgotten. This piece honors those men and women who passed on 9/11. It also honors those brave men and women who have been fighting for freedom, and life free from terrorism.

This is a coin created from the finest nickel silver, and hand painted with American flags on one side. The other side of the coin illustrates the Pentagon, the iconic American Eagle, and the American Flag. Not only does this fine collectible bring honor and valor, it is a refined item to have for preserving the memory of those fallen as well.

Clearly, over a decade has passed since 9/11 but there are still those consistent reminders. Reminders like these finely crafted gift pieces from the DC gift shop. There is no greater value or workmanship to be found. These were truly created with painstaking effort, and all for hallmarking a time of importance.

A Collection for Honoring the Courageous

While it is nerve shaking to call to mind those events of Ground Zero, it is important to do so. It is just as important to have gift ornaments to honor and respect the rich heritage of the American people, and how they came together during that period of time.

One of the most impressive pieces in the DC gift shop collection is the September 11, 2001 Commemorative ornament which lies in a 24K gold mounting. The portrayed images of 8 colored guardsmen, holding flags, with the background of the familiar twin towers is remarkable in detail.

The statement, “We Will Remember” is emboldened across the face of this piece. It is the perfect collectible for reminding us to always hold true to what is dear to the heart. Of course, there are other exquisite pieces in this collection that are just as explicit in design and character as this one piece.

A September 11 Collectible For Support

Commemorative gifts such as the ones in this collection aren’t just meant to sit on a shelf somewhere and be forgotten about. The United in Memory lapel pin is perfect for wearing out to demonstrate ones’ support and empathy for those individuals who have held a significant role in history following 9/11.

This unique pin illustrates an individual’s support of the efforts that have continued since the capture and sentencing of Osama Bin Laden. Emboldened in design, this is one that is perfect for a mother of a solider, or a friend of someone who was involved with the efforts involved in 9/11. This is simply the ideal piece for sharing the remembrance of a day that shall always be with all Americans everywhere.

Priceless Collectibles for History

The collection has one final piece worth mentioning, and which all can appreciate. The Pentagon is the center of many activities, specifically for our defense. In fact, the building itself is known as one of the biggest low rise buildings anywhere in the world.

The Commemorative Pentagon ornament is the perfect gift for civilian or military personnel alike. Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever stepped foot into the Pentagon, you can have a creative piece of renowned history within your own hands. The ornament includes the bald eagle as well because this is what is recognized as a symbol of American freedom.

With this collection you can certainly gain some satisfaction in knowing that you’re acquiring excellent quality and fine workmanship in each and every piece mentioned here. You’ll also have those pieces which exemplify times in American history that simply must never be forgotten. We should always remember that united we do stand strong, and we can persevere even through the most difficult and challenging of times.

9-11 Remembrance Ornament
Price: $26.00

This intricately detailed, 24k gold-plated commemorative 9-11 Remembrance Ornament pays tribute to that dire day more than a decade ago. The foreground of the ornament features 8 color-guard members with their respective military flags standing on a base that says "WE WILL REMEMBER - SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

United In Memory Lapel Pin
Price: $10.00

This lapel pin commemorates that fateful day 10 years ago with an American bald eagle situated in front of an American flag with a likeness of the Pentagon on the bottom right. Pin measures one inch across and flag is painted red, white and blue.

United In Memory Commemorative Coin
Price: $20.00

The front of the United In Memory Commemorative Coin shows the Pentagon, American Eagle, and the American Flag with the words, "United in Memory" and "September 11, 2001". The back of the coin shows an image of the American Flag being lowered over the side of the Pentagon.

Commemorative Pentagon Ornament
Price: $36.00

This Pentagon ornament is a beautiful Washington DC souvenir that features the Pentagon (including inner rings) with an American Bald Eagle sticking its head out (in full 3D color), from the 5 acre "center plaza" in the middle of the Pentagon. The ornament is surrounded by a laurel wreath on both sides with another eagle, this one gold, at the top of the ornament.

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